Best investing book for beginners

Best Investing Books For Beginners – (2021)

Looking for investing books for beginners? Why not choose the best investing books for beginner right away?

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

Absolut amazing book

A classic bestseller by Benjamin Graham, who was a well-known figure in the investment world.

Although this book was first published in 1949, it is still relevant. It will help you by making some wise decisions when investing and which traps to avoid.

Best investing book for beginners
Learn about investing psychology

One of the good think to learn about when you begin to invest, is the psychology about the investments. James Montier’s book is absolut fantastic for the purpose. 

Best psychology investing book for beginners
Stocks from scratch

If you are totally new and you never have heard about bull and bear markets or what dividend stock is? This is the right book for you. It takes you trough the basic about the stock market.

Stocks from scratch
For Day trader & Swing trader

For a day- or swing trader, candlesticks can be very important. Especially if you wanna do technical analytics for the stocks you are planning to buy. This gives you a complete guide for candlesticks.

Investing Strategy

In this book you will get Warren Buffett’s 2-step strategy for long term investing and how he is searching for stocks for investing.
It can save you a lot of money, so you don’t make the same mistakes like most new investors.

Why read books before you start investing?

There are many reasons to read books about investing. One of the most important is that you do not make the same mistake as many other beginners and loose money. Many people just find a company they like and just buy some stocks in that company. But if you wanna make money, you can’t buy from your emotions. 
For every book I ever read about the stock market, I learned something new I could use.